Advance Certificate programme in security management gives students the information they need to prevent incidents and maintain security. Students enrolled in Advance Diploma Certificate programme in Security Management gain a variety of knowledge about Security, including the best practices, methods and security measures within the Security management field.

Coursework is designed to help students achieve a greater understanding of security management. In addition, students may be exposed to new technologies within the security management field.


Applicants with work experience and at least NCE, ND/NID, HND, BSc certificate in any discipline.

Individuals who enroll in these programs are typically already employed in a position related to security or criminal justice, and are looking to advance their careers. Through this programme, these professionals learn to enhance or upgrade current security systems, offer protection to employees and maintain a secure environment.

Generally, the curriculum in this programme focuses on protection and leadership within the security management field.

 Some professionals that could benefit from the programme include:

  • Information security officer
  • Computer security specialist
  • IT security analyst
  • Security guards
  • Police officers
  • Public safety officers
  • Campus security officers



This programmes give students more advanced training in areas including threat assessment, open access technology and information security administration.


With an Advance Diploma Certificate and adequate work experience in the security field, individuals may be qualified to become security managers or supervisors of other protective service workers. They are also prepared for a number of job roles, including security officers and information systems managers.