Programme Goal
The national Innovation programme is designed to produce skilled software technicians who should be able to solve a wide range of problems by the systematic development and evaluation of large, high quality software systems.

Objectives of the Programme
A product of NID in Computer Software Engineering should be able to:
i. Design, develop and maintain software.
ii. Detect technical faults in a Computer installation.
iii. Develop key skills in software development to support career in software industry/further academic study.
iv. Design and run efficient programs in a wide spectrum of fields, and in various languages.
v. Install a Computer system.
vi. Develop abilities to analyse computing problems and formulate practical solutions to the problems.
vii. Advise on the installation of Computer facilities.
viii. Carry out routine (preventive) maintenance of Computer facilities.
ix. Work with a term on a project.
x. Become an employer of labour in a self-owned enterprise.

The entry requirements into National Innovation Diploma in Computer Software Engineering programme include any of the following:
(a) Five (5) credit level passes in GCE “O” level or Senior School Certificate (SSCE) at not more than two sittings. The five subjects must include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language and other subject.
(b) National Vocational Certificate (NVC, Final) in Computer Studies from an approved Vocational Enterprise Institution (VEI).

The curriculum of NID in Computer Software Engineering programme consists of four main components. These are:
i. General courses.
ii. Foundation courses
iii. Professional/core courses.
iv. Supervised Industrial Attachment
The General Course component shall include course in English Language and Communication Entrepreneurship
– Foundation courses include courses in mathematics and statistics.
– Professional course are courses, which give the student the theory and practical skills he needs to practice his field of calling at the technical/technologies level.
– Students Industrial Attachment shall be taken during the long vacation following the end of the second semester of the first year.

NID in computer software Engineering Programme The structure of the programme is made up of four semesters of classroom, laboratory, workshop and practical activities in the institution- and a period of at least 3 months of supervised industrial attachment. Each semester shall have 17 weeks duration made up as follows:
15 contact weeks of learning and practical applications.
2 weeks for examinations and registration.