Distinct Institute of Management Science, Osogbo and Ekosin, Osun state, in her efforts to be more encompassing and be more all-embracing has expanded her tentacles to all the nooks and crannies of the nation for a broader vision which is centered on professionalism, prudence, discipline, integrity, excellence and innovation in the areas of Science and Technology.

Based on this premise, the Institution is in collaboration with many tertiary Institutions in the areas of Research and Development for both staff and students, Consultation with resourceful personnel that are passionate on vision and mission target and their actualization as well as professional bodies that will aid personal and corporate mental and physical development of both staff and students of the Institution.

This collaboration which is boiled out of the passion for Innovation and Technology will go in no small measure in making the students of the Institution to stand out among their contemporaries in various ways owing to the availability of both human and material resources at their beck and call in the Institution which, inarguably, will enrich their academic performance.

The graduands of the Institution can further their academic programme in any Tertiary Institutions both at home (Nigeria) and abroad owing to a broad-based Curriculum centered on knowledge and Industry-based skill acquisition with the approval of the Regulatory bodies as well as the Supervisory and Professional bodies.

This collaboration gives room for students’ exchange in the areas of Capacity Building, Institutional Training, Research and Development, Technological Innovations and Management of both Human and Material resources. This focuses on making the students to stand out among their contemporaries to be a shinning Beacon of hope in all their chosen endeavors so as to contribute their quota to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of their host communities.

The Institution, through this collaboration with both Affiliated Institutions and Professional bodies, has been able to expand her tentacles in widening the Academic Programmes which is now more encompassing and all-embracing from the Management to Social Science and from Pure to Applied Science.

In the same vein, the Affiliated Institutions have been tapping from the depth of knowledge of the staff of the Institution in the areas of Programme Accreditation. They have become a veritable tool in Pre-Accreditation exercise, Accreditation process and Post-Accreditation exercise for a smooth take-off of the accredited programmes.

In the area of Manpower Development, the Institution engages the academic staff of the Affiliated Institutions for academic and non-academic activities as Facilitators and Tutors for our students during specialized programmes, presentation of papers during seminars, symposia and workshops which has led to an unprecedented Human Development in the Institution as well as the Affiliated Institutions which is now vice-versa.

All the above-stated have been achieved through the passion to build a better human being and also equip them with the pre-requisite knowledge and skills that will enable them to stand out wherever they find themselves.

Avail yourself this golden opportunity by sending your ward to Distinct Institute of Management Science for him/her to benefit from the largesse the Institution is offering so as to stand as a shining example in this world


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