The admission process is still in progress for all the available courses in the institution which caters for both full-time and part-time mode of study.

The institution has also introduced the Computer Practical Training for all her students which will make them to be computer certified before the expiration of their academic programme. The computer training programme which is in two parts are:
Certificate programme:
o Microsoft Word
o Microsoft Excel
o Microsoft Access
o Microsoft FrontPage
o Microsoft PowerPoint

Diploma programme:
o E-View
o CorelDraw
o Installation
o Formatting and Repair
The two programmes aimed at equipping our students on computer operation and its application on their chosen career in proffering solution to any difficult situation at any point when they are on the field of endeavor. This certification in computer is in line in order for our students to be at par with international best practices.
DURATION: The programme will last for minimum of 3months for certificate and minimum of 6months for Diploma programmes which involve practical and theoretical sessions of interaction with professional tutors on computer operation for both Soft and Hard ware Engineering.

=> Diploma {management} programmes
=> Career Development
=> Managerial Finance
=> Strategic Management
=> Book keeping and Accounting

Developmental Agenda
The intention of the Proprietor and the promoters of the institution is to build a world-class institution which will be the envy of her contemporaries. In this sense, the management has put in place the machinery in motion for the quick and early completion of the permanent campus by setting the particular target timeframe for the transfer of the sit of power from Temporary campus to the permanent campus. This is due to the speed at which the project construction and completion of the major segments at the campus vicinity. The project is still ongoing in which daily construction is in progress so as to fast track the aspiration of the promoters and the proprietor of the institute in building an academic edifice in a serene and peaceful environment devoid of unrest and free of violence.