The philosophy of the Distinct Institute of management Science is reflected in its motto “Education For Self Development”. The Philosophy seeks through appropriate training in Technology and relevant management studies to secure the development of the students into a sound and effective citizen with full integration into the community and the nation for national development. It will be pursued by the provision of courses of instruction, training and research in technology, applied science and management. The philosophy is in line with Nigerian philosophy of education.

This institute seeks to bridge the gap created by the scenario, length of time and finances, by creating a middle term approach whereby at a moderate charge and for a short period of two years a student can acquire a basic Innovation educational skills that can satisfy her/his immediate thirst for technical knowledge. This elementary knowledge prepares and propels him to seek for a higher education in the relevant area. The Diploma Certificate the student acquires at the end of the two-year programme will not only help him secure admission for a higher degree but will also give him the opportunity of securing a middle level job in such organizations like the Banking Industries, Educational institutions, Government ministries, Private business organizations, security agencies (Police, State Security Service, Civil Defence, Immigration Service, Custom Service, Nigeria Peace Corps, Vigilante Group of Nigeria), NGOs e.t.c.Apart from the benefits that accrue to the holder of the Certificate awarded by the Institute, the ultimate beneficiaries are the organizations mentioned above. The institute has observed that the Banking operations in this part of the country are mainly manned by people without the least knowledge of banking practice which adds to the unethical practices and professional misconduct. The Security organizations and departments are not left out. This Institute intends to remedy the situation through effective and efficient training to the participants. At the end, our society is the ultimate beneficiary.


Institutional Environment
Location of the Institute
Temporary Campus: This Institute Temporary site is located at No 67, Old Ikirun road, Testing Ground area, Osogbo, State of Osun.
The Permanent Site of Distinct Institute of Management Science is located at kilometre 1, Ekosin – Agbeye Raod, Off Ogbomoso Road, Ekosin, Odo Otin Local Government, Via Osogbo, State of Osun.

Temporarily, the Institute occupies part of a storey-building (separate 3 bedroom flats) which also houses the administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories and workshop. The Institute has buildings under construction (which houses the administrative offices, Studio, workshop, Library and lecture rooms) in the permanent site.