Certification and Title of Programme:
The title of the programme will be:
“Security Management and Technology”
The certificate awarded will be called:
“National Innovation Diploma in Security Management and Technology and”
Programme Description The NID program is for individual seeking a career in the security industry, either in the private or public sector. The program offers a world of opportunities for candidate to acquire technical competence as a loss prevention officer, thereby opening tremendous avenue for gainful employment in a wide range of industry.

The programme is intended to produce enterprising, well trained and highly skilled security personnel in the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy.

On successful completion of the programme, recipients should be able to; i) Demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding of the security industry, qualities, ethical behaviours and responsibilities of the security officer.
ii) Competently carry out patrol, access control, search and investigations.
iii) Intelligently apply reasonable knowledge of the Nigerian Laws regarding equality, diversity and privacy, etc, in the day-to-day discharge of security duties.
iv) Skilfully operate electronic security devices and systems.
v) Ensure safety and security of lives and properties.
vi) Respond adequately to emergency situations and calls.
vii) Apply social skills and relate well with the public.
viii) Develop, nurture and apply entrepreneurship skill in security industry.
ix) Communicate, write and process security reports in the most effective manner.
x) Demonstrate respect for equality and socio-cultural diversity of individual members of the society.
xi) Promote health and safety in the society.
xii) Continually promote a culture of physical fitness and mental well-being.
xiii) Build the capacity for self-defence/unarmed combat.
xiv) Resolve and manage conflict.
xv) Specialize in a field of Security operation.

Entry Requirements
The Entry Requirement into a National Innovation Diploma (NID) in Security Management and Technology programme include any of the following:
4.1 Candidates who have successfully completed Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent with credit passes in five subjects to include Mathematics and English Language.
4.2 Unemployed and/or under employed graduates of tertiary institutions seeking employable skills in the security industry.
4.3 National Vocational Certificate (NVC Final) in Security Operations from an approved vocational enterprise institution (VEI)
4.4 Employed men and women and who desire relevant or additional skills in security, but posses relevant qualification as stated 4.1 above.
4.5 Those out of school or work for a considerable length of time who desire and deserve open access to re-skilling

The curriculum of the National Innovation Diploma in Security Management and Technology (SMT) programme consists of four main components. These are:
a. General Courses
b. Foundation Courses
c. Professional / Core Courses
d. Supervised Industrial Work Experience
(a) The General Study Component shall include courses in Communication skills and Mathematics, Entrepreneurship

(b) The Foundation Education component includes:
a. Security and Law Enforcement
b. Health and Safety
c. Blueprint reading
d. Computer Application
e. Conflict Resolution and Management
f. Introduction to security

(c) Professional Courses are courses which are the courses which give the student the theory and practical skills he needs to practice his field of calling at the competency level required.
(d) Student Industrial Work Experience shall be taken on continual basis.