GOAL: To produce technically competent manpower to meet the Nation requirement in the area of Telecommunication Technology

OBJECTIVES: A product of NID in communication technology should be able to;

  1. Assemble Install and test run telecommunication in system
  2. Carry out routine/preventive and corrective maintenance on the telecommunication system
  • Select and use appropriate instrument to carry out simple test and measurement on telecommunication system under various operating condition
  1. Operate telecommunication system and installation with appropriate software whenever the need arises
  2. Troubleshoot and report faulty telecommunication system with basis diagnostic tools and equipment
  3. Carryout supervision of installation project on telecommunication projects
  • Start small and medium scale enterprise that would provide ICT solution
  • Assist in the management and administration of telecommunication n network for optimum utilization
  1. Design and build simple telecommunication system



The general entry requirements for the NID programme are;

  1. Five credits in Mathematics, Physics, English and any other two subjects from the following Technical Drawing, Basic Electricity, Further Mathematics, and Agricultural Science
  2. National Vocational Certificate (NVC) with credit passes in any of the related trade or craft or
  3. The National Technical Certificate (NTC) with credit passes in the five relevant subjects
  4. Mature candidate with degree or equivalent in any other discipline


4.1 The curriculum of NID in Telecommunication Technology programme consist of four main component. These are:

  1. General courses
  2. Foundation courses
  3. Professional/Core courses
  4. Supervised Industrial Attachment

4.2          General Studies component shall include courses in communication skills and Entrepreneurship

4.3          Foundation Courses includes courses in Technical Drawing, Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology

4.4          Professional courses professional courses are courses which gives the student the theory and practical skills

4.5          Student Industrial Attachment shall be taken during the long vacation, following the second semester of the first year