I welcome you to Distinct Institute of Management Science, an Innovation Enterprise Institution type of Polytechnic established to widen access to innovative education and offer credible alternative to higher education, through the provision of relevant industry-specific employable skills.

Distinct Institute of Management Sciences, based in Osogbo (Temporary Campus) and Ekosin (Permanent Campus) is a young, innovative, enterprising business and technology school en route to compete with the foremost higher Institution of learning in the country.

The Institute is supported by a strong, efficient and goal oriented faculty from academia and industry that brings passion, commitment and expertise to the delivery of every course.  Our faculty members are well trained in their different chosen profession and are ready to lift up the banner of excellence.

There are well ventilated lecture rooms equipped with modern furniture: our Laboratories boast of the latest state-of-the-art equipment; our fully stocked library runs a 12-hour daily; our confidential counseling unit manned by professionals with wealth of experience in diverse fields.

In order to provide wider scope and ensure continuity of our students in their academic pursuit, DIMS is in affiliation with Polytechnics and Universities within and outside Nigeria (for HND and Degree programme). We are also in collaboration with Professional bodies. This will give our prospective students the opportunity of being a Chartered Professional after the completion of their programme.

The institute is also in collaboration with both  Security outfits, Banking Industry, Computer Engineering Companies, Investments Companies, Business Organisations, etc for the training and retraining of the students in making them a professional that can be employed or be self employed.

This will make our graduands to contribute meaningfully to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country by making them to become employers of labour. Wider opportunities are still open for future collaboration with both PUBLIC and PRIVATE Organizations that will contribute meaningfully to the life of our students.

At DIMS, our focus is to ensure that, our students can think clearly, be well informed, able to integrate their knowledge, and can apply what they have learned. As an Institute of quality, we plan to provide placement guidance for our students and follow their career development.

It is of interest to know that the Institute provides practical and systematic orientation in management, science and technology which help to reduce illiteracy in the society as well as enhances African brotherhood co-existence.

The unique things about DIMS is how close you are to faculty and staff are;

– They actually and truly care about what’s going on in your life; and how they can help support you.

– Your experience at DIMS is as individual as you are: your strengths, your potential, your best self.

– Your advisor gets to know you before your first day at college and stays with you for Two years.

– Small class sizes mean your Lecturers get to know you well.

– They are invested in your success and in you as a person to give you the right level of support and challenge to enhance your personal strengths.

  @ Distinct Institute?

  • We foster a love of learning from the very first day at school.
  • We create next generation learning environment for students in this 21st century.
  • We empower students, families and staff to contribute to our mission in a meaningful way.
  • We offer a great lectures’ package for students learning.
  • We provides personalized academic in culturally and socially appropriate ways.
  • We develop and implement instructional activities which promote the use of the Laboratory for practical training.
  • We tailor instruction so that students will be able to effectively participate in the classroom tutorial hours.
  • We communicate knowledge and skills to students in an interesting, stimulating and effective manner in conjunction with the course tutor.
  • We utilize a variety of instructional methodologies and curriculum resources geared specifically towards entrepreneurship related and industry based.
  • We provide good and excellent faith-based counseling services.

Join Distinct Institute where;

– your faith will be strengthened;

– character and excellent performance will be demanded from you;

– you will have the opportunity to grow your gifts and talents.

– you will fulfill our expectations, your own expectations and God’s expectations.

– there is fulfillment of your vision, fulfillment of your dreams, and realization of your personal ambition in life.

At Distinct Institute, we innovate, trail blaze and collaboratively lead educational transformation that positively impacts the greater education community and ensures that each and every one of our DIMS students thrives in college, career, and life.

DIMS ready to make your dream come true by harmonizing both technological and entrepreneurship skills in making our students to be self independent after graduation because Nigerians can no longer depend on white collar jobs but become creators of jobs. Distinct Institute aims to produce all-round human being prepared to face the world with technological knowledge in all sphere of life and also to give back to the community where he/she comes from.

We hope that your stay at Distinct Institute will be a joyful one.  I want to see you in future and be proud of you. That is the only reward we need; to see that the seed we sowed has borne good fruits. I want to see you in future that you did greater than I did; that which those of us teaching you have never dreamt of doing. The children must be greater than the fathers. That is how society develops.

Surely, Distinct Institute of Management Science is a great place for committed educational excellence, which provides the key to unlock the learner golden door of freedom to the future in a changing world. You have definitely made a wise choice to join our distinctive way of learning.

You are warmly welcome.


Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI’s) are education institutions recently approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to provide a veritable alternative route to higher education.
They are designed to offer vocational, technical, technology and professional training at post-basic and tertiary levels, with a view to meet the increasing demand for technical manpower by the various sectors of the economy. Distinct Institute of Management Science is a new, state-of-the art Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI) established in 2017 approved by Federal Ministry of Education. The Institute run courses leading to the award of National Innovation Diploma (NID) equivalent to National Diploma (ND) in Management Sciences and Technology, approved by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

The Institute also offer a wide range of professional and career enhancement programmes, seminars and workshops at Advanced Diploma Certificate and diploma levels. Our programmes are dual-path, with emphasis on both cognitive and practical skills. Enriched by world-class faculty and teaching facility, our goal is to nurture the development of the much-needed manpower in the ICT and Management Science for national growth.

The IEIs are envisaged to fulfill the following specific objectives:
1. Increase access to education at Post-Basic levels for all ages thus addressing the ‘JAMB bottleneck’ by increasing options and absorbing more youths into Higher Education (HE), who may have otherwise been unable to secure admission.
2. Be principally private sector driven, and readily responsive to labour market demands.
3. Provide the necessary link between education, science, technology, innovation and the labour market.
4. Use 21st Century Technology to deliver up-to-date curricula and skills relevant to the needs of employers in the labour market.
5. Develop learner’s capacity to think creatively, critically and transform knowledge and skills into wealth and a broader economic base.
6. Train and ensure that students understand how their expertise fits into a framework for improving the society and fulfilling national goals.
7. Economically empower the individual and community by increasing employability.
8. Set new standards in design and delivery of competency and skills based Education and Training.
9. Contribution to technology, capital, and industrial expertise through training, network, and access to production equipment and know how.
10. Provide job opportunities through established linkages to industries and recruitment agencies.

Target Groups

The Distinct Institute of Management Science provides credible alternative forms of education that will cater for the needs of;

  1. School leavers who wish to acquire demonstrable practical skills to secure employment, generate employment or be self employed;
  2. Persons seeking career path that lead to University degrees;
  3. Persons who have not studied for some time and desire to do so;
  4. Persons without time for full time study but want to enhance their skills;
  5. Persons wishing to go into self-employment;
  6. University graduates seeking employable skills and;
  7. Adults seeking opportunities to re-skill themselves;